Ep. 214 – Chris Jones (COP Keating/Battle of Kamdesh)

This week, another detailed look at COP Keating and the October 3rd, 2009 Battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan with Chris Jones. Chris was an Infantry soldier in Red Platoon, Bravo Troop 3-61 Cav. He was also one of the five guys who volunteered for Clint Romesha’s small team to take back the outpost against overwhelming odds. Jones talks about the intense battle that unfolded that day in October 2009, and… Read More

Ep. 213 – Kyle Knight (COP Keating/Battle of Kamdesh)

This week we return to COP Keating and the Battle of Kamdesh, which took place on October 3rd, 2009 in Afghanistan. Kyle Knight was a Forward Observer in Red Platoon, Bravo Troop 3-61 Cav. Kyle offers an unvarnished perspective of what life was like on Keating before the overwhelming October 3rd attack, the leadership failures that lead to it, and the hours fighting on the ground to win back American control… Read More

Ep. 212 – Special Guest: Dr. Shauna Springer (Trauma Expert)

Dr. Shauna Springer’s father raised his kids like a drill instructor – up at 5 a.m. three times a week to run miles in the dark at a local track. That kind of activity at an early age, along with solo mission service trips to foreign countries starting at the age of 10, may just have been the spark that started Dr. Springer on a path to understanding the psychological… Read More

Ep. 211 – Richard Rice (Green Beret – Vietnam to Mogadishu/GORUCK)

This week’s episode is all about highlighting an incredible career in Special Operations that spans from Vietnam to Operation Gothic Serpent – better known as the battle portrayed in the book and film, “Black Hawk Down.”  More importantly this is a conversation about turning combat experience into leadership and mentoring the next generation of individuals to lead in positions from military service to business and government. Richard Rice began his… Read More

Ep. 210 – Dale Rider (Army Combat Vet – Syria)

Dale Rider deployed to Iraq as a bridge crew member of an Engineer unit initially assigned to advise and assist the Iraqi’s, after the war had theoretically ended. So, naturally, in the middle of the Iraq mission, his small detachment would head into Syria for a different mission. Dale shares his experiences with that sudden change of mission, and the struggle to deal with some of its side effects when… Read More

Ep. 209 – Special Guest: Char Fontan Westfall (Gold Star Spouse)

Once again, we step outside the bounds of the typical HAZARD GROUND guest to tell Char Fontan Westfall’s story. Char is the wife of the late Navy SEAL, Jacques Fontan. Jacques was killed while attempting to rescue survivors of Operation Red Wings, the ill-fated reconnaissance mission in June 2005 in Afghanistan, that left one lone survivor. Char talks about receiving the news of her husband’s death, and the long, difficult… Read More

Ep. 208 – Jason McCarthy (Green Beret & Founder of GORUCK)

GORUCK founder Jason McCarthy went from Green Beret to building a 100 million dollar company, starting with just a napkin sketch of a rucksack that could withstand the abuse of war torn Baghdad and still look good on the streets of any major city. Along with a backpack company he also started a global movement to get people outside rucking, adventuring, and forming community through his GORUCK Challenge events. Hear… Read More

Ep. 207 – Joe “Spoon” Rizzuto (A-10/RPA Pilot)

Retired Air Force Colonel, Joe “Spoon” Rizzuto has had one of the most interesting careers a military pilot could have. The Air Force Academy grad started out flying C-130s in Alaska – something he wasn’t initially thrilled about, but he describes as extremely rewarding and beneficial as a young pilot. He would eventually go from the C-130 to flying both the A-10 and Reaper and Predator drone aircraft in combat…. Read More

Ep. 206 – Tonya Oxendine (Command Sergeant Major/MVP)

For Tonya Oxendine the Army offered an escape from a rough upbringing – a chance for a better life. Although not without extreme hardships and challenges, Tonya embraced the military, using the trauma she experienced in it and after, to become an incredible leader who has made it her life’s mission to take care of others. She served over two decades –  including several years in the 82nd Airborne –… Read More

Ep. 205 – David Smith (Navy Corpsman/CONTINUE TO SERVE)

Our conversation this week is simply about service – service in combat, and continued service when the uniform comes off. David Smith is a former Navy Corpsman who served in combat in Afghanistan. When an aspiring career in the Navy was cut short, David found another way to serve his country. Ultimately he started an organization called, CONTINUE TO SERVE. Through this organization, he brings together other veterans in continued… Read More