Ep. 146 – Kevin Wallace (Combat Photographer)

Anytime combat photographer Kevin Wallace was involved in a firefight, he often had a critical decision to make: shoot back at the enemy, or pick up his camera and take a much different shot. The decision could be painstaking, but Wallace knew the importance of documenting combat, while still trying to help those to his left and right. The process weighed on him so much that he spent hours and… Read More

Ep. 145 – Kyle Carpenter (Marine)

There isn’t much we can say about Kyle Carpenter to further accentuate just how special a human being he is. He served as a Marine in combat and received the military’s highest award for valor with humility, strength, and optimism – qualities that were certainly tested by the years of pain and frustration that followed his exit from combat. Kyle was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in… Read More

Ep. 144 – Dave Sabben (Battle of Long Tan)

Unless you served in Vietnam, you probably weren’t aware that U.S. forces fought alongside other allies, Australia being one of them, and an important one at that. Dave Sabben was one of those soldiers who bravely led Australian military forces not long after the U.S. war in Vietnam began. Sabben joined the army as part of Australia’s National Service program in 1965. By the end of ’65 he had completed… Read More

Ep. 143 – Geoff Dardia (Green Beret)

Geoff Dardia’s special operations career was pretty much over before it even began. Having rolled multiple phases of BUD/S due to injuries, at 21, Dardia had broken his body down to the point where the Navy was willing to compensate him for the rest of his life, if he chose. But having a goal to become a SOF operator, Dardia switched gears, enlisted in the Army, and relatively quickly worked… Read More

Ep. 142 – LTG (R) Burke Garrett & Tim Banik (Veterans Day)

Two completely different military career paths: one, a Lieutenant General who served over 30 years as an Army Infantry officer, the other an enlisted Infantry Marine who served four years, with two overseas deployments to combat zones. Both brought together though, by their experiences and unique perspectives serving multiple combat tours. Now retired, Lieutenant General “Burke” Garrett would go on to become the Executive Advisor to the Emory Healthcare Veterans… Read More

Ep. 141 – James LaPorta (Marine/Newsweek)

Like many kids coming out of high school, James LaPorta just wanted to get on with life. His country was at war, and he had little interest in going to college – at least right away. So he joined the Marine Corps, signing up for the infantry. That decision would take him to Afghanistan, to fight in his country’s war, and fundamentally change who he was as a person. It… Read More

Ep. 140 – Chad Balwanz (Green Beret/ODA 525)

Before “Lone Survivor” – the story of Operation Red Wings as told by Marcus Luttrell, the only SEAL to survive that operation – there was ODA 525. Assigned a special reconnaissance mission inside Iraq on the eve of the Desert Storm ground war, the Green Berets of ODA 525 faced a moral dilemma of magnificent proportions when their hide site was discovered by local children. Poor intel on the hide… Read More

Ep. 139 – BG (Ret) Don Bolduc (Green Beret)

It’s only fitting that after serving his country for 36 years in the Army, retired Brigadier General Don Bolduc would decide once again to serve his country and his community at the highest possible level. He is currently running for U.S. Senate in his home state of New Hampshire. BG Bolduc was motivated to run by what he describes as a “crisis of leadership in national politics.” Leadership is one… Read More

Ep. 138 – Jason Robinson (Infantryman)

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Jason Robinson felt a calling to serve in the military. Notably, he felt it was his duty to serve having been born into a free society – a way to earn his citizenship. He also wanted to do his part to ensure the U.S. military didn’t revert back to a draft to fight the Global War on Terror – something his sons… Read More

Ep. 137 – John Belman (Ranger/CSAR – Black Hawk Down)

We’ve covered the Battle of Mogadishu – popularized by the movie and book, “Black Hawk Down” – multiple times on the podcast. But, we haven’t covered it from the perspective of the combat search and rescue (CSAR) team sent in to rescue the crews of the Black Hawks shot down on October 3, 1993 over the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia. John Belman was a Ranger on the CSAR team that… Read More