Ep. 284 – Dave Taylor (U.S. Army / LDR Leadership)

LTC (R) Dave Taylor enlisted in 1992 and served 24 years in the U.S. Army while deploying eight times in support of the Global War of Terror. After graduating from West Virginia University, Dave received his commission as an Infantry Officer spending most of his career with the 75th Ranger Regiment, Joint Special Operations Command, and finished his career with what he calls one of the most humbling and honorable… Go to Episode

Ep. 283 – Aaron Futrell (U.S. Army)

Aaron Futrell is a retired Army Staff Sergeant who joined the U.S. Army right after high school in 2000 where he attended basic training in Fort Jackson, SC. Aaron spent over 22 years both in active duty and in the Ohio National Guard. He has three total deployments overseas including his final deployment to Iraq in January 2020 where he sustained a traumatic brain injury during the Iranin’s ballistic missile… Go to Episode

Ep. 282 – Josiah Guthland (U.S. Army / Veteran and Military Student Services, Director, UBALT)

A Junior in high school on 9/11, Josiah Guthland made the decision to join the military in the weeks following the attacks on his country. Josiah enlisted in the U.S. Army in May 2003, spent 6 years in the Army, and served 2 combat deployments in Iraq as a Combat Engineer. He is currently the Director of Veteran and Military Services at the University of Baltimore. Support the podcast by… Go to Episode

Ep. 281 – Alex Plitsas (U.S. Army / Digital Dunkirk)

Alex Plitsas spent eight years in the U.S. Army Reserves, in a post-9/11 world. Alex had three different deployments overseas as a soldier, a contractor, and as a DA civilian. He spent time working with the Secretary of Defense and also helped evacuate Afghans from Afghanistan as part of Digital Dunkirk. Alex currently works in the tech industry in the civilian sector. Support the podcast by supporting our sponsors at www.hazardground.com/sponsors… Go to Episode

Ep. 280 – Tim Fedrick (U.S. Navy SEALs / Warriors and Whiskey Club)

Tim Fedrick spent 31 years in the U.S. Navy with 28 of those years inside the U.S. Navy SEALs and inside Naval special warfare. Tim retired from service as a Lieutenant Commander and he is now an Executive Producer and Host for JUL-TV “Veterans in Transition”. Tim is also the ambassador of the organization, Warriors & Whiskey Club. https://warriorsandwhiskey.com/ Support the podcast by supporting our sponsors at www.hazardground.com/sponsors Shop Amazon! As… Go to Episode

Ep. 279 – Stephanie Gattas (U.S. Navy / The Pink Berets)

Stephanie Gattas is a United States Navy Veteran who served two overseas tours on the USS Simon Lake. Stephanie is both a Gulf War and Post 911 Veteran. After service, Stephanie followed her passion of giving back to the military community and its veterans and founded The Pink Berets in 2015. The Pink Berets is an organization that assists women of the U.S. Armed Forces who struggle with the invisible… Go to Episode

Ep. 278 – Jason Kander (U.S. Army / Invisible Storm)

Jason Kander is a former U.S. Army Captain who spent a little over 8 years in the military and had one deployment in the Military intelligence field overseas. Following his military service, Jason turned to American politics and was on his way to becoming Mayor of his hometown of Kansas City. Jason pulled out of the race right before the election to seek help for his PTSD. Focusing on his… Go to Episode

Ep. 277 – Tony Mayne (U.S. Army / Ranger For Life)

MAJ Tony Mayne served 21 years in the U.S. Army and deployed eight times in support of the Global War of Terror. After graduating from The Ohio State University in 1998, Tony enlisted as an infantryman and as a member of the 3rd Ranger Battalion, he participated in the initial combat airborne operation into Afghanistan on October 19th, 2001. Of Tony’s awards and decorations, none is more important to him… Go to Episode

Ep. 276 – Samir Patel (U.S. Army / Trophy Point Investment Group)

Samir Patel is a West Point Graduate who served as an Army officer with combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is currently a Major in the U.S. Army Reserve. Sami Patel is also the owner of various real estate assets including hotels, multifamily, and SFR. He bought his first hotel at the age of 19 years old. Samir is a Managing Partner of Trophy Point Investment Group LLC as… Go to Episode

Ep. 275 – Mark Franklin (U.S. Army / Zero Cancer)

Mark Franklin is a retired U.S. Army Colonel with 30 years of service that included multiple stations and deployments overseas, including Pakistan. After service, Mark became a Veteran advocate for ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer as he was diagnosed with cancer shortly before he retired from the Army. He speaks about his experiences with prostate cancer and helps raise awareness among the Veteran population. Early detection of prostate… Go to Episode