Ep. 156 – Robert Patrick Lewis (Green Beret/Author)

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a Special Forces Medic, Robert Patrick Lewis can certainly tell you. They are some of the most highly trained field medical professionals in the world. Lewis signed up to become one after 9/11, and deployed multiple times to Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Africa, eventually finding himself on the receiving end of field medical care. He received the Purple Heart for wounds he… Read More

Ep. 155 – Terry Wilson (Army Combat Engineer)

Originally, Terry Wilson wanted to be a Marine. But, following a brief education on the recruiting business, Terry opted for the Army instead when he learned his “guaranteed” MOS wasn’t so guaranteed with the Marine Corps. He would eventually become a Combat Engineer with the Army, deploying to Afghanistan where his job was lead Husky vehicle driver, searching for IEDs during route clearance operations. Prior to his assignment as a… Read More

Ep. 154 – Rudy Reyes (Marine Force Recon)

There are Marines…There are Recon Marines…And then there is Rudy Reyes. At the age of twenty-six, Rudy joined the Marine Corps out of a desire to serve his country and honor the warrior mentality he had built within himself through years of rough upbringing and various physical challenges. After graduating Parris Island, Reyes earned a coveted spot to try out for Marine Force Reconnaissance. He would go on to complete… Read More

Ep. 153 – Brad Thomas (Army SOF/Musician)

Brad Thomas returns to the show! Brad is a musician and retired 1st SFOD-Delta operator, who also fought in the Battle of Mogadishu – better known as “Black Hawk Down” – as an Army Ranger. Brad’s band, “Silence & Light”, were featured in Episode 58, just before they were getting ready to head into the studio to record their first album. Their self-titled debut album was released on December 20,… Read More

Ep. 152 – David Reeves (Ranger/Operation Just Cause)

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the conclusion of Operation Just Cause, this week we bring you an incredible story of combat and survival from that campaign. David Reeves was a Ranger fire team leader with Charlie Co, 3rd BN, 75th Ranger Regiment during the invasion of Panama. His company’s mission was to seize the airfield at Torrijos Airport, the international airport of Panama City. During the mission, Reeves… Read More

Ep. 151 – Patricia Collins (Army SOF/Athlete)

As someone who was rising through the ranks and performing at a very high level in the Army’s top tier, elite special operations unit, Patty Collins never thought she would suffer an injury that would end up taking her leg, when she wasn’t serving in a war zone. But, in 2006, while riding her bike to work on Fort Bragg, she was struck from behind by an automobile. The marathon… Read More

Ep. 150 – Joe Kent (Green Beret)

As far back as he can remember, Joe Kent wanted to be a soldier. He not only wanted to be soldier, but the history of the Green Berets drew him toward eventually becoming one. His intense dedication to serving as a Green Beret in the GWOT only made it that much more natural that he would eventually marry a Navy Cryptologist serving in Special Operations with an equal amount of… Read More

Ep. 149 – MajGen (R) James Livingston (Marine)

It is an incredible honor to have Marine legend and Medal of Honor recipient, Major General (Ret) James Livingston, on the show this week! Listening to him speak, you can tell that despite his age, he’s just as tough as he was when his actions on the battlefield in Vietnam earned him the nation’s highest decoration for valor in combat. In May of 1968, while serving as Commander, Co E,… Read More

Ep. 148 – Kionte Storey (Marine)

Born prematurely due to drugs and alcohol, to a mother he would never meet, Kionte Storey spent the first 10 years of his life raised by his second cousin. He would spend 8 more years in foster care, before he found the Marine Corps. Joining the Marines was a form of escape, but also a way to prove something to himself, and possibly a chance at a better life. Unfortunately,… Read More

Ep. 147 – Geoff Hopf (Marine/Author)

As an Infantry Marine, Geoff Hopf experienced a unique side of the Persian Gulf War we rarely hear about. Hopf’s relatively small team was tasked with forming the first line of defense if Saddam Hussein decided to invade Saudi Arabia during the buildup of coalition forces prior to Operation Desert Storm. Left in the desert for week’s on end, Hopf’s team literally ran out of food at one point, while… Read More