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Ep. 207 – Joe “Spoon” Rizzuto (A-10/RPA Pilot)

Retired Air Force Colonel, Joe “Spoon” Rizzuto has had one of the most interesting careers a military pilot could have. The Air Force Academy grad started out flying C-130s in Alaska – something he wasn’t initially thrilled about, but he describes as extremely rewarding and beneficial as a young pilot. He would eventually go from the C-130 to flying both the A-10 and Reaper and Predator drone aircraft in combat…. Read More

Ep. 206 – Tonya Oxendine (Command Sergeant Major/MVP)

For Tonya Oxendine the Army offered an escape from a rough upbringing – a chance for a better life. Although not without extreme hardships and challenges, Tonya embraced the military, using the trauma she experienced in it and after, to become an incredible leader who has made it her life’s mission to take care of others. She served over two decades –  including several years in the 82nd Airborne –… Read More

Ep. 205 – David Smith (Navy Corpsman/CONTINUE TO SERVE)

Our conversation this week is simply about service – service in combat, and continued service when the uniform comes off. David Smith is a former Navy Corpsman who served in combat in Afghanistan. When an aspiring career in the Navy was cut short, David found another way to serve his country. Ultimately he started an organization called, CONTINUE TO SERVE. Through this organization, he brings together other veterans in continued… Read More

Ep. 204 – Grant Broggi (Marine/The Strength Co.)

Grant Broggi didn’t take the typical route to the Marine Corps. The extra time he took before ultimately joining meant he entered the Marines with life experience – a key attribute in forming who he would become as a leader of Marines. And the experience he gained from leading Marines in combat would eventually pay dividends when he became a strength coach, preparing Marines for combat as well as forming… Read More

Ep. 203 – Rod Lurie (From West Point to Filmmaker/”The Outpost”)

When Rod Lurie immigrated to the United States at a young age, he was taken by what he saw when he visited The United States Military Academy at West Point for the first time. Beyond the institution, he knew attending West Point would provide a means to pay back the country that welcomed him from abroad. Whether his decision to ultimately go to West Point was right or wrong, Lurie… Read More

Ep. 202 РRyan Hendrickson (Green Beret)

Ryan Hendrickson doesn’t know when to quit. If you’ve served alongside Ryan in combat, that’s probably a good thing. Ryan Hendrickson is a retired Green Beret, leaving the Army as an E-7 in January of 2020. Before joining the Army, Hendrickson enlisted and served in both the Navy and the Air Force, until he found his true calling in Special Forces. As a Green Beret demolitions expert, he would find… Read More

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