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Ep. 129 – Garrett Cathcart (Cavalry Scout/Mission Roll Call)

Garrett Cathcart had wanted to go to West Point since the 4th grade. When high school graduation approached, it was West Point or enlist. He secured an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy, setting him on a course to become a combat-tested leader, as the Global War on Terror erupted only a couple of years before he graduated and entered active duty. Since then he has served as a Cavalry… Read More

Ep. 128 – Harry Lockhead (WWII UDT)

It’s not too often we get the opportunity to speak with veterans of WWII. They’re a special breed, and Harry Lockhead is no exception. Joining the Navy when his country was at war, Lockhead went into the service as a cook. After the battle at Tarawa, the loss of Marines was so great, that the Navy asked for volunteers to learn how to perform reconnaissance and underwater demolition for future… Read More

Ep. 127 – Mary Dague (Army EOD Combat Vet)

Staring down a very domesticated life path she had no interest in following, Mary Dague decided to join the Army, a few years after 9/11. Desiring a military job that was both dynamic and challenging, she signed up for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). She loved being an EOD soldier and showed great promise as a young bomb tech on her team while deployed in combat. But it only took one… Read More

Ep. 126 – Zachary Rhyner (Combat Controller/Air Force Cross)

Following his childhood dream to serve in the military, Zachary Rhyner joined the Air Force in 2004. He knew he wanted to serve in an elite group, that would no doubt face challenges in combat. Rhyner enlisted with the goal of becoming a combat controller. After a grueling two-and-a-half-year selection and training process, he became a special tactics combat controller. He would soon go on to serve with a Special… Read More

Ep. 125 – Chris Greca (CSM/Army Ranger)

Even though Chris Greca came from a military family, he never intended to join the Army. But, it was a spur of the moment decision at a red light one day that drove him to the recruiter’s office. And before he knew it, Chris Greca was on his way to a 31-year career in the Army. He would retire in 2017 as a Sergeant Major, fulfilling key posts all the… Read More

Ep. 124 – Jeff Struecker (Ranger/Black Hawk Down)

As a young Army Ranger, Jeff Struecker saw combat early, beginning with the operation to capture Manuel Noriega in Panama in 1989. But, it wasn’t until his experiences during Operation Gothic Serpent – the op to capture Somali faction leader Mohamed Farrah Aidid – that combat took on a new meaning – a more violent and vicious meaning. Better known by its book and film title, “Black Hawk Down”, Struecker… Read More

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