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Ep. 180 – Brad Snyder (Navy EOD/Paralympian)

When Brad Snyder talks about his experiences at the U.S. Naval Academy you can sense his appreciation for how the Academy builds strong leaders – men and women of character, integrity, fortitude, and optimism. Brad Snyder graduated from the Naval Academy in 2006. He would deploy as a Navy EOD officer for the first time in 2008. Five years later, he would be medically retired from the Navy, permanently blinded… Read More

Ep. 179 – Dan Luna (Navy SEAL)

Dan Luna is using his experience as a Navy SEAL to do something revolutionary, that for a species that has enacted violence on itself in times of war, for centuries, probably shouldn’t be. That “something” is preparing American servicemembers for the shock that war is on the human brain. He’s helping servicemembers get ahead of Post Traumatic Stress by working to minimize its effects from the front end, rather than… Read More

Ep. 178 – Diane Evans (Vietnam Combat Nurse)

We don’t often hear the stories of women who served in Vietnam, especially those who deployed directly to combat zones. Diane Evans is one of those women who had the opportunity to serve as a nurse in combat in Vietnam in areas where humanity seemed only a ragged shred of existence. She joined the military in the late 1960’s with the intent to go to Vietnam. Like her brothers and… Read More

Ep. 177 – Jack Murphy (Ranger/Green Beret/Journalist)

From an early age, Jack Murphy wanted to join the military – he wanted to be close to the action, to experience war. 9/11 happened during his senior year in high school, so as soon as he graduated he enlisted to become an Army Ranger. As a Ranger he served as an anti-tank gunner, sniper, and team leader with 3rd Ranger Battalion. A friendly fire incident nearly derailed his military… Read More

Ep. 176 – Joe Galloway Returns! (Military Correspondent)

Legendary journalist, Joe Galloway, joins us again on the podcast! Joe has covered just about every major conflict involving the U.S. military from the Global War on Terror all the way back to Vietnam, where he made a name for himself and was awarded the Bronze Star with “V” device for rescuing wounded soldiers under fire at Ia Drang, becoming the only civilian to receive a combat medal from the… Read More

Ep. 175 – Eric Donoho (Army Infantry)

His military career had an almost idyllic start. Following in his father’s footsteps, he signed up for the Infantry, and set out to do his part in the fight against terrorism and protect not just Americans, but also the continually oppressed. He even ended up sitting next to his future wife on the long flight from Infantry School to his first duty station in Alaska. But Eric Donoho’s time as… Read More

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