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Ep. 243 – Ray McPadden (Army Ranger)

Ray McPadden is a former Army Ranger, serving with 2nd Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment. Inspired to serve after 9/11, he began his time in the Army as an Infantry Officer with the 10th Mountain Division. Between Iraq and Afghanistan, he served four combat deployments, spending nearly two years fighting along the Afghan-Pakistan border during one of those tours. In fact, his unit established the first American foothold in the notorious Korengal… Go to Episode

Ep. 242 – Special Guest: Sara Wilkinson (Gold Star Spouse)

Sara Wilkinson is the wife of Navy SEAL, Chad Wilkinson. After 21 years of service, Chad took his own life – the result of the compounding effects of blast wave injury, TBI, and PTSD. He left behind Sara and their two teenage children. Sara’s story is one of triumph, heartbreak, resilience, and strength – the strength that Sara not only displayed as the spouse of a Navy SEAL who was… Go to Episode

Ep. 241 – Steve Beynon (Cav Scout/Journalist)

Steve Beynon is an Afghanistan War veteran and Cavalry Scout, and continues to serve in the Army National Guard. Steve is also a journalist by trade. He is based in Washington, D.C., and covers ground combat topics for Prior to working ground combat, he covered Capitol Hill and the VA for Stars and Stripes. Over the past few years, Beynon has been able to utilize his military experience to… Go to Episode

Ep. 240 – Dick Thompson (Vietnam/MACV-SOG)

Dick Thompson is a Vietnam combat veteran and Green Beret. When he started his military career, he volunteered for the most dangerous path he could take, ending up in Vietnam with MACV-SOG, where he served as a Team Leader. With MACV-SOG he conducted covert unconventional warfare operations, never knowing if he and/or his entire team would return to base once they left the wire. It was a process that would… Go to Episode

Ep. 239 – Bill Walter (AC-130 Gunner)

It’s not often that we get someone from the AC-130 community on the podcast, but this time we were lucky enough to get someone who is a bit of an establishment in the community. Bill Walter is a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant and former AC-130 Gunner. He has played key roles in the AC-130 world for decades. In this episode he talks about his impact on that world… Go to Episode

Ep. 238 – Tommy Sowers (Green Beret)

This episode is all about leadership – leadership in combat, in government, and in business. Tommy Sowers is a former Green Beret who is also a multi-sector leader in the political, military, government, academia, and entrepreneurial worlds. He and Mark also worked together during Mark’s first deployment to Iraq. Following multiple Iraq combat deployments as a Green Beret, Tommy went on to become the youngest Senate-confirmed Asst. Secretary at the… Go to Episode

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