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Ep. 134 – Pasha Palanker (Army Combat Vet)

When Pasha Palanker was 15, he and his family immigrated to the U.S. from Moldova. Although his family lived in a rough neighborhood on a very low income, Pasha was happy and proud to be living in America, whose opportunities far outnumbered those of his birthplace. In an effort to repay the U.S. government for the assistance provided to him and his family after they arrived from Moldova, Pasha enlisted… Read More

Ep. 133 – Joe Galloway (Military Correspondent)

Normally, this week’s guest would be billed as a “Special Guest” as Joe Galloway was never actually in the military. But if history has anything to say about it, there’s no doubt he’s earned his stripes, going all the way back to his first overseas assignments in Vietnam. Early on, Galloway was embedded with the 1st Cavalry Division during the Battle of Ia Drang, the first major battle of the… Read More

Ep. 132 – Patrick Murphy (Iraq Vet/Congressman)

Patrick Murphy is the first Iraq War veteran elected to the U.S. Congress, representing Pennsylvania. Following his time in Congress, he was confirmed as the 32nd Under Secretary of the Army, serving until January 2017. Murphy may be a veteran of U.S. politics, but this conversation is anything but a political one. Murphy deployed to Iraq in 2003 with the 82nd Airborne, and also taught at West Point during his… Read More

Ep. 131 – Gene Murphy (Vietnam/DAV)

While taking a semester off from college, Gene Murphy received what many young men his age feared at the time – a draft notice for Vietnam. Murphy considered it an honor to serve his country, so leaving his small, South Dakota farming community for the Army and Vietnam, was tough, but not a big deal. When he shipped off to Vietnam, he figured as a mortarman he’d probably be stationed… Read More

Ep. 130 – Michael Rutledge (From Navy SEAL to 160th SOAR)

As far back as he can remember, Michael Rutledge wanted to be a Naval Aviator. He lacked the grades to get him there, so he enlisted in the Navy, eventually becoming a Navy SEAL. Unable to ignore his desire to fly in the military, after 8 years as a SEAL, Rutledge started the process to transfer to the Army to fly helicopters. All of this happened not long before 9/11…. Read More

Ep. 129 – Garrett Cathcart (Cavalry Scout/Mission Roll Call)

Garrett Cathcart had wanted to go to West Point since the 4th grade. When high school graduation approached, it was West Point or enlist. He secured an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy, setting him on a course to become a combat-tested leader, as the Global War on Terror erupted only a couple of years before he graduated and entered active duty. Since then he has served as a Cavalry… Read More

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