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EP. 249 – Gregg Martin (Major General, Retired, U.S. Army)

Gregg F. Martin, PhD, Major General, US Army (Retired), served on active duty for 36 years, until May 2015. He is a combat veteran, Bipolar Survivor, Airborne-Ranger-Engineer qualified soldier, and Army Strategist. He commanded an engineer company, battalion, the 130th Engineer Brigade in combat during the first year of the Iraq War in 2003-04, including the attack from Kuwait, up the Euphrates River Valley, to Baghdad and beyond. Martin is a strong… Go to Episode

Ep. 248 – Kevin Haley (U.S. Army/Military Police)

Kevin Haley joined the Army at 21-years-old as Military Police.  His position quickly escalated to Protective Services Detachment (PSD).  His work included guarding USAREUR HQ and the USAREUR 4 Star General’s house.  In addition, Haley was asked by General David McKiernan to deploy to Afghanistan as his PSD mission leader from 2008 to 2009.  Support the podcast by supporting our sponsors at! Shop Amazon! As an Amazon Associate We Earn From Qualifying Purchases…You… Go to Episode

Ep. 247 – Timothy Grovenburg (U.S. Army Vet/ Founder, Easy Company Outfitters)

Timothy Grovenburg is a U.S. Army Veteran who joined the Army in 2017 and became part of the 101st Airborne Division.  He relatively quickly deployed to Erbil, Iraq for a 9-month tour where he experienced moments of uncertainty.  All of that time encouraged him to start Easy Company Outfitters, a boutique apparel brand delivering premium vintage Hawaiian shirts and beach lifestyle apparel.  The company is known for producing 100% American made… Go to Episode

Ep. 245 – David Bellavia (Infantryman/Medal of Honor Recipient)

Partly inspired by his grandfather’s stories of combat and survival from WWII, David Bellavia decided to enlist as an Army Infantryman. It was pre-9/11, and the world was relatively quiet. Fast forward to the early days of OIF, and Bellavia is now in the thick of it, experiencing combat like his grandfather had. One of those battles – taking place in Fallujah on November 10, 2004 – would ultimately lead… Go to Episode

Ep. 244 – Laura Nicholson (Aviator/Combat Vet)

Laura Nicholson is a British Army Air Corps aviator who has flown multiple combat tours in Afghanistan. Her bravery under fire while flying Chinooks during one of those deployments earned her the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC). During the operation for which she was awarded the DFC, she not only braved Taliban rockets to save a U.S. Marine, but she also rescued a wounded Afghan mother caught in the cross-fire. She… Go to Episode

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