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Ep. 202 РRyan Hendrickson (Green Beret)

Ryan Hendrickson doesn’t know when to quit. If you’ve served alongside Ryan in combat, that’s probably a good thing. Ryan Hendrickson is a retired Green Beret, leaving the Army as an E-7 in January of 2020. Before joining the Army, Hendrickson enlisted and served in both the Navy and the Air Force, until he found his true calling in Special Forces. As a Green Beret demolitions expert, he would find… Read More

Ep. 201 – Donat Le Blanc (Marine/Vietnam)

Donat “Dan” Le Blanc lost his right arm while fighting in Vietnam as a Marine aircraft machine gunner. Service was in his blood; his father was a World War II veteran and POW. So when it was his generation’s calling to combat service, Le Blanc joined the Marines. He cites the 1957 film, “The DI” with Jack Webb as a major source of inspiration for joining the Corps. But, Le… Read More

Ep. 200 – Daniel Rodriguez (COP Keating/Battle of Kamdesh)

There’s no better story for Episode 200! Daniel Rodriguez entered the Army shortly after losing his father at the age of 18. He joined the Infantry and was almost immediately thrust into one of the worst positions to be in as a new soldier in combat: the replacement for another soldier who had been killed in Iraq. Although it was a rough start, the unit he ended up with would… Read More

Ep. 199 – Justin Piessens (Army Tanker)

The junior enlisted servicemembers we’ve had on this show have never shied away from giving the unvarnished truth when talking about their experiences in combat. They join for a myriad of reasons – a sense of patriotism, a career, or they just didn’t think they had better options when entering the workforce. Regardless, you can always count on them to shoot straight when asked for their opinions, especially when it… Read More

Ep. 198 – Dr. Jeff Cain (From Army Ranger to Army Doc)

Dr. Jeff Cain has led an interesting military career to say the least, as both an Infantryman and a doctor, spanning from the period of the first Gulf War into the Global War on Terrorism. Dr. Cain began his career at West Point, choosing Infantry as his branch upon graduation. Following time with the Berlin Brigade in Germany during the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Cain made his way to… Read More

Ep. 197 – Tom Spooner (Army SOF/Warriors Heart)

When Tom Spooner enlisted in the Army, he had every intention of becoming a Ranger. But, a last minute change in orders would send him to the 82nd Airborne, where he quickly found, Ranger or not, that he was in his element as a paratrooper. From then on, wherever Spooner went in the military he would find his element along with seasoned veterans who mentored him into a proven combat… Read More

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