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Ep. 299 – Mark Matzeldelaflor (U.S. Navy SEALs / Guardian Grange)

Mark “Matz” Matzeldelaflor grew up exploring the wilderness in the backwoods of New Hampshire, camping, hiking through the mountains, and climbing trees until the weekend after high school graduation when he joined the Navy to become a SEAL. He served in combat deployments to Baghdad and Ramadi, Iraq, and trained the West Coast SEAL Teams in combat skills before leaving active duty service in 2009. Mark would go on to… Go to Episode

Ep. 298 – Nate Boyer (Green Beret / “MVP”)

Former Green Beret Nate Boyer returns this week to the podcast with a specific purpose: to discuss the film that he wrote, directed and starred in titled “MVP.” Boyer co-founded his non-profit MVP (Merging Vets & Players) with Jay Glazer of FOX Sports to bring together combat veterans and former professional athletes as they both share a bond of the tough transition when the uniform comes off. The movie takes… Go to Episode

Ep. 297 – David Truesdale (Naval Criminal Investigative Service)

David Truesdale has worked very closely with military members and military units, spending about 27 years in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. David had combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as deployments around the world; working in Counter Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. At certain points in his career, David was in charge of military troops and military units. David is also the co-founder of the Warrior Spirit Project,… Go to Episode

Ep. 295 – Mary Tobin (U.S. Army / AmeriCorps)

Mary Tobin is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and the New York Institute of Technology. Mary is a proud combat Veteran, having served 10 years in the United States Army as a communications officer, including two combat tours in Iraq. She currently serves in the Biden-Harris administration as the Senior Advisor for Wounded Warrior, Veteran, and Military Family Initiatives at AmeriCorps. Support the… Go to Episode

Ep. 294 – Keith Parry (U.S. Marines / The Honor Foundation)

Keith Parry is a native of Palmerton, Pennsylvania and enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1989, spending 30 years in the military. Keith spent the latter half of his career in the special operations community within the Marine Corps. He has seven deployments in the War on Terror and four additional deployments, all overseas. Keith currently works for the state of Texas and is an ambassador on The Honor Foundation…. Go to Episode