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Ep. 125 – Chris Greca (CSM/Army Ranger)

Even though Chris Greca came from a military family, he never intended to join the Army. But, it was a spur of the moment decision at a red light one day that drove him to the recruiter’s office. And before he knew it, Chris Greca was on his way to a 31-year career in the Army. He would retire in 2017 as a Sergeant Major, fulfilling key posts all the… Read More

Ep. 124 – Jeff Struecker (Ranger/Black Hawk Down)

As a young Army Ranger, Jeff Struecker saw combat early, beginning with the operation to capture Manuel Noriega in Panama in 1989. But, it wasn’t until his experiences during Operation Gothic Serpent – the op to capture Somali faction leader Mohamed Farrah Aidid – that combat took on a new meaning – a more violent and vicious meaning. Better known by its book and film title, “Black Hawk Down”, Struecker… Read More

Ep. 123 – Brian Wood MC (Battle of Danny Boy)

In 2004 in the Iraq desert, British soldier, Brian Wood found himself on the receiving end of an order not given in battle in 25 years: FIX BAYONETS! In just a split second he digested that phrase, and began leading his men on a full-frontal assault against an entrenched enemy, charging into heavy oncoming fire. Outnumbered, he and his men engaged in a close-quarter battle, seizing the initiative and defeating… Read More

Ep. 122 – Remi Adeleke (Navy SEAL/Writer/Actor)

Remi Adeleke was destined to lead an unconventional life. He might say it was divine intervention. Whatever it was, it put him on a path most ordinary people never travel. Then again, Remi isn’t an ordinary human being. He was born into Nigerian royalty, the son of a Yoruba chief. His father was also an entrepreneur, architect, and engineer, who worked to bring prosperity to Nigeria through innovative development projects…. Read More

Ep. 121 – Matt Cothron (Uncle Chaps)

We bring a little bit of levity to the show this week with our guest, Matt Cothron. Matt, better known by his online moniker, Uncle Chaps, is a successful (and humorous) blogger and podcast host. But, before that, he was a Marine, serving in combat as a bomb dog handler. In 2007 he was shot through the arm – an injury that would eventually contribute to medical retirement. Leading up… Read More

Ep. 120 – Jason Redman (Navy SEAL)

When you look back on Jason Redman’s career as a Navy SEAL, two words stand out: warrior and leader. We’ve said it before – those words get thrown around rather loosely. But in Jason’s case, they are terms he continues to embody, even after his career in the Navy was finished. In this episode, he talks about what it means to be a leader, and what it takes to continue… Read More

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