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Ep. 229 – Jason Kander (Army Combat Vet)

Three months into his run for mayor of Kansas City – which seemed destined for victory – Jason Kander suddenly dropped out of the race. He did so to confront years of post-traumatic stress that nearly drove him to suicide. His PTS was a direct result of his deployment to Afghanistan where for months he often worked outside the wire as an Army officer, mostly without any fire support –… Go to Episode

Ep. 228 – Mike McGuinness (Army Combat Vet)

Mike McGuinness is a three-time Afghanistan combat veteran. His story is a study in why leadership – meaning the presence of qualified people in leadership positions – is so important, from the lowest echelons of the military, all the way to the top. McGuinness served honorably for 16 years. He was also a squad leader in convicted war criminal Clint Lorance’s platoon, which would ultimately lead to Mike leaving the… Go to Episode

Ep. 227 – Special Guest: Will Thomas (Founder – Op Hawkeye)

Will Thomas is the founder of Operation Hawkeye, an organization that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the families of fallen special operations servicemembers for a decade now. The really interesting part is that Will started Op Hawkeye when he was in middle school! Moved to action by the downing of Extortion 17 in Afghanistan in 2011, Will decided to do something tangible to help the families of… Go to Episode

Ep. 226 – Thomas Schueman (Marine)

Thomas Schueman takes us through a young Marine officer’s first taste of combat – a very real baptism by fire that ultimately prepared him for the day he’d see it again. Schueman talks about the survival of combat, not just on the battlefield, but also at home. Focusing on that survival at home is not just something he talks about; he’s taken action by starting his own non-profit, called Patrol… Go to Episode

Ep. 225 – Mark Treanor (Marine/Vietnam)

After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, Mark Treanor served as a Marine Corps rifle platoon leader in Vietnam, when some of the heaviest fighting took place. Years later, Mark would write a book about his experience in Vietnam. But, it’s not your typical book about one’s Vietnam combat experience. It’s a novel, written through the lens of someone who lived through the worst in humankind, and carried the… Go to Episode

Ep. 224 – Brian Fleming (Suicide Bombing Survivor)

Brian Fleming joined the Infantry during a time of war to serve his country and test his mettle. He ended up getting a little more than he probably bargained for, but still understood the risks, serving in combat with honor. Brian was blown up twice while deployed to Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division. The second blast was from a suicide bomber, just three feet away from Brian. Hear how… Go to Episode

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