Ep. 238 – Tommy Sowers (Green Beret)

This episode is all about leadership – leadership in combat, in government, and in business. Tommy Sowers is a former Green Beret who is also a multi-sector leader in the political, military, government, academia, and entrepreneurial worlds. He and Mark also worked together during Mark’s first deployment to Iraq. Following multiple Iraq combat deployments as a Green Beret, Tommy went on to become the youngest Senate-confirmed Asst. Secretary at the… Go to Episode

Ep. 237 – Luke Coffey (Infantryman/Afghanistan/Iraq)

Growing up on a farm in Kentucky, Luke Coffey had an urge from a young age to join the Infantry, turning the agrarian landscape into a makeshift battlefield whenever he could. After high school and a short attempt at college, he made joining the Infantry a reality. He would see two combat deployments in one relatively short enlistment – one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. His Afghanistan deployment, the… Go to Episode

Ep. 236 – Tyler Mendelson (Marine/Filmmaker)

From an early age, it was Tyler Mendelson’s dream to become a United States Marine. His father was a Marine, and he wanted to serve his country after 9/11. He also grew up about an hour and a half from NYC, and his father had helped with the World Trade Center recovery effort, so the attacks hit extra close to home. His second dream was to become a filmmaker, partly… Go to Episode

Ep. 234 – Rick Dickson (Cav Scout)

Rick Dickson’s initial combat deployment was to Diyala Province, Iraq in 2006. He spent 15 months there with his unit, when violence in the country was reaching an all-time high. It was combat and survival in the truest sense. Following that deployment he would go on to become an Armor Officer through the Army’s Green to Gold program, and eventually transition to Public Affairs, where he still serves today on… Go to Episode

Ep. 233 – Curtis Grace (Infantryman/Apache Pilot)

If ever there was a warning shot for the detrimental effects of long-term, sustained combat operations on soldiers in modern warfare, Curtis Grace’s deployment to Afghanistan in 2012 fits the bill pretty well. In this episode, Grace talks about that greuling deployment to the Panjwai District of Afghanistan, a Taliban stronghold. A deployment that dovetails with the Panjwai Massacre, orchestrated by U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales in March of… Go to Episode

Ep. 232 – Kim “Rooster” Rossiter (Marine/Ainsley’s Angels)

Kim “Rooster” Rossiter is a retired Marine Corps Major and combat veteran of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. His story is tightly interwoven with his daughter Ainsley’s, who was born with a terminal illness in 2003. Instead of shirking from the difficult task of facing Ainsley’s inevitable fate, Rooster and his wife embraced it to ensure Ainsley lived every moment of her time on earth. The Rossiter’s eventually started Ainsley’s Angels in… Go to Episode

Ep. 230 – Dr. Paul Roach (Combat Surgeon)

Dr. Paul Roach is a recently retired Navy Combat Surgeon. At a young age, he intended to follow in his father’s footsteps into psychiatry. But trauma surgery was his calling, and he followed it all the way to the brutal and bloody environs of the war in Afghanistan. It was there he recalls his worst combat losses, and one quad-amputee Marine in particular, that he helped save against the odds.*… Go to Episode

Ep. 229 – Jason Kander (Army Combat Vet)

Three months into his run for mayor of Kansas City – which seemed destined for victory – Jason Kander suddenly dropped out of the race. He did so to confront years of post-traumatic stress that nearly drove him to suicide. His PTS was a direct result of his deployment to Afghanistan where for months he often worked outside the wire as an Army officer, mostly without any fire support –… Go to Episode