Ep. 192 – Mike Jason (Army Combat Vet/Leader)

Service over self. Character over affiliation. Values over personal gain. Mike Jason learned these tenets at an early age in a place far away from the United States. Born to two American expats in Italy, as a child Mike would often hear the locals talk about what the Americans did for them during World War II. His patriotism and love for the American military was born out of these conversations…. Read More

Ep. 191 – Stoney Portis (COP Keating/Battle of Kamdesh)

In Episode 188, Andrew Bundermann walked us through the Battle of Kamdesh – the attack on remote COP Keating in Afghanistan, where 53 U.S. cavalry scouts held off over 300 Taliban fighters attacking from the mountains above. Bundermann was the acting commander at COP Keating on the day of the attack. His company commander, now LTC Stoney Portis, was stranded at a nearby base because the helicopter he was flying… Read More

Ep. 190 – Gary Garza (Green Beret/Special Forces Foundation)

An infantryman, looking for the next challenge in his military career, Gary Garza decided to try out for Special Forces Selection. After completing Ranger and Sniper Schools with the 101st Airborne, it only made sense that the next step was getting his Green Beret and embarking on a long career in Special Operations. That’s exactly what Garza did, becoming a Special Forces Medical Sergeant, and completing 12 deployments in the… Read More

Ep. 189 – Donny O’Malley (Marine/VET Tv)

Donny O’Malley does not fit the typical mold of a U.S. Marine. Except for the part where Marines strive to be the absolute best at one thing: killing the enemy. In spite of being the type of person who never liked having a boss, and who was very entrepreneurial in nature, Donny O’Malley wanted to join the military and become a Marine, primarily so he could be the best at… Read More

Ep. 188 – Andrew Bundermann (COP Keating/Battle of Kamdesh)

On the morning of October 3rd, 2009, American Combat Outpost Keating was attacked by over 300 Taliban fighters, the small outpost defended by just 53 U.S. cavalry scouts. The location of COP Keating couldn’t have been any worse from a tactical standpoint, inviting the inevitable before American forces would shut it down: an overwhelming attack by insurgent fighters. The small outpost sat along the banks of a river at the… Read More

Ep. 187 – Mike Mednansky (EOD)

Following a fairly short stint and multiple deployments with the Navy not long after 9/11, Mike Mednansky felt a calling to a military occupation much more technical, and challenging than the one he had in the Navy. He decided to go out for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) school – one of the most dangerous, but most rewarding jobs in the military. EOD technicians are some of the most highly trained, highly… Read More

Ep. 186 – Chili Palmer (Army SOF)

Chili Palmer’s military career started off with a bang…or rather, a combat jump into Panama. Less than two weeks after arriving at 1/75 Ranger Battalion, Chili jumped into combat for Operation Just Cause. It was just his ninth static line jump, and although the action on the ground was minimal for Palmer, he would go on to participate in and experience a heavy amount of kinetic operations throughout the rest… Read More

Ep. 185 – Elana Duffy (Army Combat Vet)

For 14 years Elana Duffy lived with chronic physical and mental pain, the result of injuries sustained from an IED blast and vehicle collision during one of her deployments to Iraq, two years into the war. During that time she had struggled with figuring out exactly what was wrong, and healing enough to continue on with a promising Army career, injury-free. Elana Duffy enlisted in the Army with an Ivy… Read More

Ep. 184 – Aaron Love (Air Force PJ)

Aaron Love joined the Air Force shortly after 9/11 to become a Pararescueman, or “PJ” as they are more commonly known. PJs are expert combat medical professionals capable of providing life-saving measures in hostile areas, as part of the Air Force’s special operations force. A few missteps along the way though, nearly derailed Aaron’s pursuit of becoming a PJ. But Aaron’s desire to succeed in one the military’s most difficult… Read More

Ep. 183 – Shane Hudella (Desert Storm/United Heroes League)

Today we go back to the first Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm! Shane Hudella joined the military to carry on a family tradition of serving. Not long after signing up, he was headed for his first and only major combat deployment in Desert Storm, where life became quite interesting with the constant threat of SCUD missiles targeting and raining down close to his unit’s location. Following Desert Storm, Hudella… Read More