Ep. 170 – Matt Klein (Army Infantry/”Battle Tribe”)

Matt Klein grew up with vivid stories of his grandfather flying dive bomb missions in World War II. His grandfather had signed up shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Much like his grandfather, Klein joined the military shortly after 9/11. He signed up to serve in the Infantry – a job that would provide more than its fair share of hairy moments through two combat deployments to Iraq as… Read More

Ep. 169 – Gary Wetzel (Vietnam/Medal of Honor)

It’s safe to say that fate has been on Gary Wetzel’s side since the day he stepped foot in Vietnam. He survived 5 helicopter crashes; he’s a living recipient of the Medal of Honor from his time there; he was shot, stabbed, and blown up on the battlefield; and he’s come full circle in meeting those who treated him after his 5th helicopter crash, decades later. That 5th crash and… Read More

Ep. 168 – Justin Lascek (Green Beret)

Strap in folks, because in this episode we go deep into the life and survival of Justin Lascek. Justin is a Green Beret Medic, who was blown up a little over a year ago while fighting in Afghanistan. The blast ended up taking both of his legs, and a couple of other vital parts which you’ll hear about in the episode. What the blast didn’t take was Justin’s indomitable warrior… Read More

Ep. 167 – Joe Chenelly (Marine/AMVETS)

Joe Chenelly’s path to the Marine Corps started from a very unlikely place. As he describes it, his parents were hippies. And after initially finding college to be something he didn’t necessarily have an affinity for, Chenelly enlisted in the Marines. Joining not long before 9/11, Chenelly would eventually end up at the forefront of America’s war on terror as a combat journalist. In fact, Chenelly was the first Marine… Read More

Ep. 166 – Vincent Vargas (Army Ranger/Actor)

Vincent “Rocco” Vargas thought his life would be baseball. He was on the path to take a stab at the majors, but academic ineligibility while playing college ball pushed him in a different direction. Inspired by military service and seeking a way to provide a stable means of supporting his first child, Vargas enlisted in the Army in 2003. He knew he wanted the most challenging job possible in the… Read More

Ep. 165 – Amber Smith (Kiowa Pilot/Combat Vet)

Amber Smith grew up around aviation. It was in her blood – her father and grandfather were pilots, and it wasn’t uncommon for aviation to be the center of nightly conversation around the dinner table. But, Amber didn’t immediately follow the path to becoming an aviator. It wasn’t until after heading off to college and then 9/11, which she says made her re-prioritize her life, that she decided to join… Read More

Ep. 164 – Will Bardenwerper Returns! (Writer/Army Infantry)

Will Bardenwerper returns to the show, and goes back to Ranger School. Will graduated the Army’s grueling combat leadership school in 2004, but returned recently to write a piece for Outside Magazine on Ranger class 05-19. Bardenwerper admits he’s more often jolted from a deep sleep by a dream about Ranger School than he is by anything related to his own experiences in combat. Going back to chronicle class 05-19… Read More

Ep. 163 – Special Guest: Marc Fucarile (Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor)

This week we’re featuring another Special Guest, whose story is characterized by resilience as well as connected to recovery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. On April 15, 2013, Marc Fucarile was severely injured by the second of two bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon. He was attending the race as a spectator, watching a friend of his run, and was standing just a few feet away from the… Read More

Ep. 162 – Tom Kerr (Green Beret)

A measured decision led Tom Kerr to pursue the Green Beret after 4 years in the Infantry. He wanted to do more in combat, serve with the elite, and know that what he was doing every time he deployed to a combat theater was not only challenging, but tangible. Following more deployments as a Green Beret, a back injury nearly sent Kerr out of the military and a job he… Read More

Ep. 161 – Dr. Bob Adams (Navy SEAL to MD)

Dr. Bob Adams is fifth generation career military, dating all the way back to the Civil War. His military career spans 30 years, and began at the U.S. Naval Academy. Following graduation, Dr. Adams served a few years in the Navy before pursuing his dream to become a Navy SEAL. He would serve 12 years as a SEAL before embarking on a career shift, enrolling in medical school, and becoming… Read More