Ep. 331 – Pete Strzok (U.S. Army / NY Times Best-Selling Author)

Peter Strzok spent four years on active duty in the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division. Peter served in the FBI from 1996 to 2018, rising to the deputy of its Counterintelligence Division. During his career, Mr. Strzok worked around the world against national security threats. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J Trump, and co-host of the Cleanup On Aisle… Go to Episode

Ep. 330 – Chris Irwin (U.S. Navy SEAL / Navy SEAL Foundation)

Chris Irwin is a retired Navy SEAL Commander who suffered from severe mental and physical chronic illness after his time in the military. Through an extensive journey of self-discovery, he overcame these conditions and now teaches mind fitness through his brand, RARE SENSE. He publishes content through Substack, including weekly training, monthly articles, and podcast episodes. His work is changing the paradigm and stigma around mental health and human performance…. Go to Episode

Ep. 329 – Matt Payne (U.S. Air Force / Founder, Inner Circle Solutions)

Matt Payne spent over 9 years in the United States Air Force as a Combat Controller and is now the Founder of Inner Circle Solutions. He is a Global Leader with 30 years of experience identifying and managing security risks for Fortune 500 companies. Matt is keenly interested in emerging trends in the corporate sector and seeks to find and implement innovative processes, controls, and tools to help reduce risk… Go to Episode

Ep. 328 – Darrell Utt (U.S. Army / Green Beret)

After graduating high school in 1990, Darrell Utt joined the U.S. Army. During his service, Darrell was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with ‘Valor’ for heroic actions and leadership during combat operations in Baghdad, Iraq in 2006. He was also awarded four Bronze Star Medals for achievement and service in Iraq. As a Special Forces Team Sergeant, his Operational Detachment Alpha was recognized and awarded the 2006 Larry Thorne Award… Go to Episode

Ep. 327 – James Bruton (U.S. Army / Green Beret)

James Bruton is a former U.S. Army Green Beret, retired Lieutenant Colonel, who spent 28 years in the Army between Active Duty and Reserves. James has multiple deployments to Southeast Asia, including a two year stint in Vietnam, as well into Thailand and worked a secret covert mission in Laos with the Lao Army, training and advising them. Support the podcast by supporting our sponsors at www.hazardground.com/sponsors Shop Amazon! As an… Go to Episode

Ep. 326 – Byron Rodgers (U.S. Marines / Executive Protection Agent)

Byron Rodgers is a dedicated Executive Protection Agent, Video Blogger, Published Author, and Veteran with a decade of private security experience across over 60 countries. A former US Marine Corps infantry Squad Leader with two deployments to Iraq, Byron transitioned seamlessly to civilian life, becoming an Executive Protection Agent and authoring “Finding Meaning After the Military.” Byron serves as CEO of Bravo Research Group, a boutique private security firm, and… Go to Episode

Ep. 325 – Theresa Carpenter (U.S. Navy / ‘Stories of Service’)

Theresa Carpenter is an active-duty Navy Commander with 27 years of service, including 10 years as an enlisted aviation electrician on the S-3B Viking aircraft. She currently serves as public affairs branch head for the maritime arm of NATO, responsible for all seagoing operations under its oversight. Upon her commissioning in 2006, she became a Surface Warfare Officer and was subsequently accepted into the public affairs community in 2008. She’s… Go to Episode

Ep. 324 – Gary Volkman (U.S. Army / Military Technician)

Gary Volkman spent a total of 24 years in the U.S. Army, between active duty and the Army National Guard. Gary served as a military technician and retired as a first sergeant. He was a combat medic and a flight medic who had multiple deployments, including Afghanistan and Bosnia. Gary also spent time in his career teaching Rescue and recently retired as a firefighter in the state of California. Support… Go to Episode

Ep. 323 – Jason Smith (U.S. Marines)

Lieutenant Colonel Jason Smith retired from the US Marine Corps on 1 Sept 2016 after 22 years of service.  He joined the Marine Corps in January of 1995 after graduating from Louisiana State University. As an infantry officer, Jason commanded Marines at every rank during his service, including two combat deployments to Iraq as a company commander. He was in charge of Marine Corps recruiting for the state of New Jersey from 2007-2010… Go to Episode

Ep. 322 – David Hollis (U.S. Army / Author, ‘Damn Hooligans’)

David Hollis grew up in a small town in eastern Oklahoma that was little more than a fuel stop along Interstate 40. At the age of seventeen, he resolved that his escape from the purgatory of middle America would be to join the U.S. Army.  Throughout his Army career, David served in tough units, completed challenging leadership and tactical training courses, deployed to five countries, and led 189 combat missions… Go to Episode