The Hazard Ground Podcast is hosted by Atlanta talk radio host and Army veteran, Mark Zinno.

Every week, Hazard Ground brings together servicemembers from across the military, to share their accounts of combat and survival, and deliver inspirational stories of service and resilience from those who have fought on and off the battlefield!

The idea for Hazard Ground started in the summer of 2015. Mark was catching up with an old friend who he had been roommates with while both served on active duty at Fort Hood, Texas in the early 2000’s. By this time Mark was an established sports talk radio host in the Atlanta area, and looking to start a project that would combine his talk radio talents with his military service and desire to bring many noteworthy veterans’ stories to light. His idea was to start a podcast that would share those accounts worthy of a wider audience, especially the ones that hadn’t made it to book or film. Mark’s friend, already a huge fan of podcasts, was instantly on board with the idea. He offered to help Mark get the show off the ground in any way he could. The two set out devising a logo, show format, marketing strategy, and initial guest list. And with that Hazard Ground was born.

Through Hazard Ground, we hope to bring you truly inspirational stories from the men and women of America’s Armed Forces who have been to hell and back, and lived to tell about it. And occasionally we’ll mix in a special guest for good measure. So buckle in and get ready for a journey through war and combat from the perspective of someone who’s lived to tell about it!