Her job as a combat photographer was to chronicle war, combat, human strife, and disaster relief efforts among other significant moments in history. But over time it became a much, much more weighty task. One that she was passionate about executing, but one that would ultimately take a heavy toll on her body and mind. Stacy Pearsall is one of the most decorated combat photographers in the U.S. military’s history. During three combat tours, she earned the Bronze Star Medal and Air Force Commendation with Valor for combat actions in Iraq. She is also one of two women to win Military Photographer of the Year and the only woman to win it twice. She has sacrificed so much for service to her country and her fellow servicemembers. But, most importantly she has given immensely to ensuring history won’t forget some of its most pivotal sagas and those that have served before and after her. Hear all about it, and the incredible work she’s doing now, on the latest episode of HAZARD GROUND!

www.stacypearsall.com | www.veteransportraitproject.com | www.ccforp.org“Shooter: Combat From Behind The Camera” | “A Photojournalist’s Field Guide”

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