Sometimes it’s the invisible wounds from war that are the most difficult to diagnose and treat. The indicators are subtle, if ever apparent. There’s more mystery than science, and the wounded are left with the burden of proof and most often hopeless for a cure. That’s exactly what happened to Carolyn Furdek. A former NCAA Division 1 swimmer, graduate of West Point, four-time Ironman athlete, and a seasoned combat veteran and leader with multiple combat deployments between Afghanistan and Iraq, Furdek began suffering from severe mental health issues during one of those deployments. She effectively “shut down” and for several years, doctors were baffled by her illness. Eventually Carolyn found the path that led to an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, taking her life and career back from the invisible wounds. Hear how she did it in this very inspiring episode of HAZARD GROUND!

“Locked-in: A Soldier and Civilian’s Struggle with Invisible Wounds”

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