Following in the footsteps of family members who had served before him, Zach Iscol earned his commission after graduating from Cornell University in 2001. He actually passed up a flight contract and joined the infantry so he could get to combat sooner, fearing he might miss the war while working his way through a lengthy flight school. In 2004, he eagerly volunteered to re-deploy to Iraq and fight in Fallujah shortly after returning from his initial combat deployment there. All of these actions speak volumes about the person Zach Iscol is to his very core. It doesn’t take long to understand that he’s a man of fortitude and a critical thinker who understands the necessity of selfless service. He has carried those attributes beyond his time in the Marine Corps, founding such organizations as Hire Purpose – a company that helps veterans find meaningful employment – and co-founding Task and Purpose, a news site for veterans, by veterans. Hear his inspirational story of combat, survival, and service in this episode of HAZARD GROUND! | | “The Western Front”

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