Don’t ever say that a little anger can’t be turned around for good. Matthew Betley is living proof that a whole lotta disdain for something, if re-directed in the right way, can lead to something pretty amazing. He took his anger, specifically for a highly-recommended international spy thriller he decided to start reading on vacation, but just couldn’t finish because it was so poorly written, and turned it into an action-thriller book series of his own. Before that though, he spent ten years as an officer in the Marine Corps, deploying to both Djibouti and Fallujah. He’s also a recovering alcoholic, with 9-1/2 years of sobriety. And now he is the author of three books in the Logan West Thrillers Series: OverwatchOath of Honor, and Field of Valor, with more on the way! This is an amazing story of one man who thought he could do much better, and did just that. Period. Don’t miss it! | “Overwatch” | “Oath of Honor” | “Field of Valor”

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