Richard Prince fought in one of the most horrific battles of Vietnam, and one that often gets overlooked. The battle for Hue City during the Tet Offensive of 1968 was an all-out grudge match & street fight that lasted for several weeks. Prince found himself fighting in one of the most hellish engagements of the battle, below the Dong Ba Tower at the city’s imperial Citadel, where many Marines perished. During the fight, Prince was shot through the neck by a sniper, permanently damaging his vocal chords. Fortunately, Prince made it out of the Citadel, and the battle, alive. Fifty years later, Richard Prince returned to the reconstructed Dong Ba Tower in Hue City, with The Greatest Generations Foundation, a nonprofit that provides free visits to battlefields where Vietnam and World War II veterans served. Hear about Prince’s fight to survive and save other Marines, and his bittersweet return to the place that had once been hell on earth for him & so many others, on this episode of HAZARD GROUND!

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