Wanting to do more for his country and serve in a time of war, Ben Kesling joined the Marine Corps to become an officer at the start of the Global War on Terror. As most conflicts do, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan changed him. But not in a way where he wanted to bury their memory, but more along the lines of understanding them and what effects they have on not just veterans coming home from war, but also those whose soil has been occupied. So, following his time in the Marine Corps, he went back to school to become a journalist, in hopes of putting his experience in war to good use in conveying the seemingly never ending conflict to those who had never been. He now reports for The Wall Street Journal, and spends a good portion of his time focusing on veterans affairs. He’s a unique individual with a rare perspective on two wars that have affected so many people, and he shares that perspective on today’s episode of HAZARD GROUND!

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