As a Green Beret, Joe Serna has been through just about everything in combat: he’s been blown up a couple of times, shot at, and nearly drown in an armored vehicle when the road under it gave way next to a canal. And with all those combat injuries, most certainly comes PTSD, which Joe has most certainly battled. The breaking point came a few years ago when Joe was arrested for drunk driving. He subsequently broke his probation & ironically found an unintended healing point when the judge who sentenced him spent the 24 hours in jail with him knowing that Serna’s PTSD makes confined spaces torturous. When you listen to Serna speak, you can tell that his love of life & family is what keeps him alive. It’s what kept him engaged with the judge that one night in jail, so the walls “didn’t exist.” And it’s what helped him push past simple luck those dark days in combat. This is another inspiring episode you don’t want to miss!

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