Josh Jespersen’s entrance into the military wasn’t exactly conventional. But then again, there really isn’t much about Josh that is “conventional.” And he’s just about the nicest & decent human being you’ll ever meet, too! Once in the military, Josh quickly earned the Trident of a Navy SEAL & went on to honorably serve several years as a SEAL, surviving combat tours in Iraq & Afghanistan. After leaving the Navy he co-founded Mission Memorial Day – an organization that has set out to bring back the true meaning & recognition to Memorial Day by serving “not only those who made it back from the battle field, but also those who didn’t.” Mission Memorial Day (MMD) honors those who never made it home from war by encouraging decoration of monuments or servicemembers’ graves, or engaging in a physically demanding activity or small expedition. Aside from co-founding MMD, Josh also holds the speed record for climbing & snowboarding down all of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks in just 138 days – a record previously held by a professional big mountain skier. In a nutshell, Josh is the epitome of the silent professional – he’s truly a warrior & inspirational dude, & we are honored to have him on the show! | @joshjespersen

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