This is sure to be part one of a multi-interview series with US Army & Delta Force legend, retired SGM Mike Vining. Vining enlisted in the Army in 1968. He served in Vietnam as an EOD tech, but after 10 years in EOD he started looking to transition to Special Forces as a medic. He soon found himself, however, going through the selection process for the newly formed 1st SFOD-Delta, more commonly known as “Delta Force” as the Unit was looking to add more EOD techs to its initial roster. Vining successfully graduated the 1st selection class for Delta, and would go on to serve with Delta for the better part of his career. Vining served in many high level operations. So in this episode we dive deep into Operations EAGLE CLAW (Iran) & URGENT FURY (Grenada). Today, Mike Vining spends his time writing, hiking, rock & mountain climbing, & alpine & backcountry skiing, while doing important research work for the National EOD Memorial & working as a committee member for the National EOD Association. This is a very interesting episode, so don’t miss it!

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