We are honored to be joined this week by special guest & author/journalist/filmmaker Sebastian Junger. Junger is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author of such works as “The Perfect Storm,” “War,” & “Tribe.” He is also a documentary filmmaker whose debut film “Restrepo” was nominated for an Academy Award. As an award-winning journalist who’s covered news stories around the world, he’s received both a National Magazine Award & a Peabody Award. He is also known for directing “Korengal,” the sequel to “Restrepo.” Hear how Junger got his start in journalism and filmmaking; hear about his interaction with Northern Alliance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud, who was assassinated just days before 9/11; and what it was like to live alongside, in combat no less, the soldiers whose story he was sharing with the world…On this very special episode of HAZARD GROUND!

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