We return this week with a guest who at first, humbly, didn’t really believe she had much to offer to the podcast or our general audience. But she in fact does have something important to share, & sharing her story is yet another reason we do the podcast each week – to help others whether they’ve been in the military or not. Margaux Mange is a living example that you can find a way to heal from PTSD & the traumatic effects of having your brain literally rattled in combat. While serving in Iraq, Margaux survived multiple IED blasts, one of which killed her best friend, literally in front of her. For a long time she suffered through finding the right therapy to even try & heal from the blasts & the loss of her friend. It wasn’t until she discovered the healing effects from outdoor pursuits that she actually started to recover. Nothing will bring back the people she lost through war, but she can now live the rest of her days for them. She’s even climbed Denali, just for them. Catch this highly inspirational story of combat & survival on this week’s episode of HAZARD GROUND!

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