There are simply too many positive things to say about Chris Van Etten to fit in this short intro, but what we will say is that his drive & motivation to move beyond his injuries & inspire others is infectious & invigorating. In 2012, while on patrol as a Marine in Afghanistan, Van Etten stepped on an IED. The blast took both of his legs as well as the life of his best friend. The accident took its toll both physically & mentally on Chris. Unsure where his drastically changed life was headed, Van Etten started working out religiously to clear his head. The physique he attained eventually landed him as an underwear model with Jockey’s inspirational “Show ’Em What’s Underneath” campaign. And a desire to pursue projects that help motivate & inspire others has driven Van Etten toward acting, where he currently plays “Chet” – also an injured vet – on ABC’s daytime drama, “General Hospital.” Van Etten also continues to work as a motivational speaker, and if this episode of “Hazard Ground” doesn’t inspire you, we’re pretty sure nothing will. So many good stories in this one, so check it out! | | @chrisvanetten_official

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