Jason Beighley is a special breed of soldier. He has over 17 years experience serving and excelling in the U.S. Army’s top tier Special Operations units. Looking for a greater challenge and more fulfilling job in the military, he worked to join those units, and would soon find himself involved in combat and high-stakes engagements with the enemy. One of those engagements was the Battle of Mogadishu, better known by its film and book adaptation, “Black Hawk Down.” In this episode, Jason, like the other guests we’ve had who fought in that battle, offers up a perspective you only get from someone who lived it and battled through it on the ground those two intense days in October 1993. He especially highlights how the rigorous training he went through prior to Mogadishu prepared him for the stress and strain of combat, allowing him to be an asset to his fellow operators and survive that and several other engagements. Today, he helps provide that same level of training to others working in high-risk environments, continuing to help develop the next generation of warriors like himself.


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