As a young infantryman, Jesse Yandell knew he wanted to serve with the best units the U.S. Army had to offer – with soldiers who had the desire to take on more and always push further than the rest. He settled on the elite soldiers of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Once in, he never looked back, serving 15 combat deployments with the Rangers, and eventually reaching the position of Company First Sergeant within the Regiment. Many describe him as “cool and calm” in combat, and a “rock” who others look to in times of trouble. His will and strength are simply outmatched, as evidenced when he came back from a near-career ending and nearly fatal gunshot wound to the chest. He let the Army and others around him know that he had more to give and wasn’t finished serving, by successfully summiting Mt. Rainier, just four months after surgery! If you’re looking for inspiration, or searching for motivation to push yourself to your max potential, look no further than the story of Jesse Yandell! |

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