There’s probably no greater act of patriotism or selflessness than signing up for military service right after your country has been attacked. That’s exactly what Joel Carpenter did after September 11, 2001. Prior to 9/11 he had gone to Hollywood to pursue a career in film and television, but the coordinated terrorist attacks compelled him to fulfill a higher sense of purpose, even though Joel was teetering on the cusp of “making it” in LA. He soon joined the ranks of the Army Rangers at the 75th Ranger Regiment, alongside a few others who had given up lucrative paths in life to serve their country. After serving multiple combat deployments as a Ranger, Joel decided it was time to leave the military and head back to civilian life and a job in the private sector. Part of that transition included picking up where he left things off in Hollywood. He has since taken on developing and writing the screenplay for a film about the Battle of Takur Ghar, the story that was the impetus for “Hazard Ground,” and one that Joel is deeply connected to. Hear about Joel’s journey from actor and screenwriter, to Army Ranger, and back to writing the stories of sacrifice in combat that deserve an enduring mark in history, on this special episode of Hazard Ground.

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