If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be shot down in a helicopter in the middle of a war zone, then you definitely want to listen to this week’s episode. Even if you haven’t, then you’ll want to listen to how this week’s guest, Robin Brown reacted cool and calmly under pressure, and crash landed her Kiowa Warrior helicopter after literally being blown out of the sky by enemy fire in 2003, when the war in Iraq was starting to go from bad to worse. Many years later, Robin would go back to Iraq to take on a much different challenge and potentially dangerous, but fulfilling experience. Recently she climbed and skied Mt. Halgurd, the highest mountain in Iraq, with two other veterans (and past guests on Hazard Ground), to help find peace and beauty in a land that has for so long been associated with war, pain, and suffering. Her trip was chronicled in The North Face short documentary, “Adventure Not War.” Hear her complete impassioned journey on this episode of Hazard Ground.

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