From as early as he can remember, Stacy Bare wanted to be in the military. To him it was adventure, coolness, and selfless service, all in one. When Stacy finally got to be the soldier he always dreamed of, he went to war, and served with honor during Operation Iraqi Freedom. But when he came home, his life began to unravel. War had never left him. After battling addictions and a downward spiral that was sure to end in death, Stacy found peace in the outdoors. He became a climber and mountaineer, and is now helping other veterans find that same peace through adventure in the mountains and teaching outdoor leadership. Among other things Stacy is the Director of Sierra Club Outdoors and co-founder of Veterans Expeditions – a non-profit that seeks to enrich and heal the lives of veterans, especially those who suffer from PTSD. He is also a brand ambassador for The North Face and Keen footwear, and was named the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2014. He is an incredible, motivating individual, who we are no doubt honored to have on the show! | | | |

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