Pamela Zembiec is the Gold Star Spouse of Major Douglas Zembiec, a.k.a. “The Lion of Fallujah.” Major Zembiec served in “the Ground Branch of the CIA’s Special Activities Division in Iraq when he was killed by small arms fire while leading a raid in Sadr City, a neighborhood of Baghdad, on May 11, 2007. Zembiec was leading a unit of Iraqi forces he had helped train. Reports from fellow service members that were present when he was killed indicate that he had warned his troops to get down before doing so himself and was hit by enemy fire. The initial radio report indicated “five wounded and one martyred” with Zembiec having been killed and his men saved by his warning. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart for his actions that day.

Pamela’s first book, ‘Selfless Beyond Service, A Story about the Husband, Son, and Father Behind the Lion of Fallujah’, is a brutally honest account of her journey through her life, love, and loss with Major Zembiec. This book has since been adapted into a screenplay for development into a major motion picture. She is working on her second book, ‘The Shattering, Why We Still Suffer Years After Their Death’.

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