Theresa Carpenter is an active-duty Navy Commander with 27 years of service, including 10 years as an enlisted aviation electrician on the S-3B Viking aircraft. She currently serves as public affairs branch head for the maritime arm of NATO, responsible for all seagoing operations under its oversight. Upon her commissioning in 2006, she became a Surface Warfare Officer and was subsequently accepted into the public affairs community in 2008. She’s deployed three times to combat zones and was assigned with the Navy Seals and Army Special Forces in the Philippines in 2008-2009. After that tour, she served as a media and plans officer for the U.S. Indo-Pacom from 2010-2013, one of three tours in a joint environment. She brings extensive experience working in humanitarian missions across the Asia Pacific, including the first land-based iteration of the Navy’s Pacific Partnership mission, coordinating with multiple Embassies, Non-Governmental  Organizations, and USAID. Her award-winning programs across multiple commands have resulted in 18 Navy awards for public affairs excellence.

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