Alan C. Mack is a Master Aviator with more than 6700 hours of flight time, of which over 3200 were flown with Night Vision Goggles.

Alan C. Mack’s desire to see the world as a U.S. Army helicopter mechanic took him to West Texas, the Republic of Korea, and the Federal Republic of Germany before attending Warrant Officer flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Alan took part in Operation Desert Shield as a co-pilot and several months later, he flew combat missions in the lead aircraft penetrating deep into Iraq. Alan’s adventure includes becoming a Pilot-in-command, a role as the Night Vision Goggle Unit Trainer, and a call into the special operations community as an MH-47 pilot. With his military career approaching thirty-six years, Alan elected to retire and join public service.

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Photo Credit: Alan Mack

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