In the spring of 1966 a 19-year old Bill Reynolds was on top of the world. The young Californian had it all: the killer car (a ’65 Chevelle Super Sport to be exact), the gorgeous girlfriend, and a well-paying job in Los Angeles. Then, just before summer hit, his world changed forever – he received a draft notice in the mail, with orders to report to the Los Angeles Induction Station on May 17, 1966. Bill knew that it was his time to serve, like his father before him in WWII, so he went without question. He went to war with the Army’s 9th Infantry Division, which had been re-activated for combat in Vietnam. Throughout his tour, Bill fought some extremely tough battles, lost some very good friends along the way, and served honorably. This episode was actually recorded one day after the 50th anniversary of one of the last battles Bill fought in, where he lost several of his good friends. Bill ultimately completed his tour of duty in Vietnam, and returned home to pick up where he left off back in 1966. We’re honored to have him on the podcast, and thankful he’s able to keep such an important part of our history alive. This is another incredible episode you don’t want to miss!

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