Dale Dye is probably best known for the roles he’s played in numerous motion pictures on war and combat…Films like “Platoon,” “Casualties of War,” and “Saving Private Ryan.” But before he landed in Hollywood, he spent a majority of his time fighting and leading Marines on real battlefields – the ones where the slightest mistake or sniff of bad luck meant you weren’t coming home. He’s a veteran of multiple tours in Vietnam and survived 31 combat operations there. He’s a decorated Marine who embodies every bit of the warrior spirit. And now he continues his mission to ensure that warrior spirit is accurately portrayed in motion pictures, and conveyed to and understood by as many people as possible. His latest project is called “No Better Place To Die.” It’s a World War II film, Dye hopes to make on his own terms, “outside the traditional Hollywood way,” as he puts it. It’s a venture as unconventional as the life Dale Dye has been fortunate enough to lead, and looks to be, no doubt just as incredible.


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