Colonel John “Coke” Blocher received his commission from the Air Force Academy in 1999.  He is a senior pilot with more than 1500 flying hours in the A/OA-10 “Warthog” and the AT-38 as an instructor pilot.  Blocher was on the ground with the U.S. Army on March 20th as they breached the berm into Iraq, fought battles in Tallil, Al Kifl, Karbala and Baghdad.  Just one month later for Operation Monty, Blocher’s story intersects with our guests from Ep. 218, Greg “Billy Bob” Thornton and Raymond “Donk” Strasburger.  While Billy Bob and Donk were fighter pilots in the air, Coke was the one on the ground yelling through the radio.  Talking about his experience now only further lends itself to the resiliency he’s shown throughout his career.
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Photo Credit:  John Blocher

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