Ray McPadden is a former Army Ranger, serving with 2nd Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment. Inspired to serve after 9/11, he began his time in the Army as an Infantry Officer with the 10th Mountain Division. Between Iraq and Afghanistan, he served four combat deployments, spending nearly two years fighting along the Afghan-Pakistan border during one of those tours. In fact, his unit established the first American foothold in the notorious Korengal Valley. In his relatively short time in the Army, Ray experienced the essence of combat and survival in the Infantry and in Special Operations. He’s even reflected on it in two books he’s written – one a memoir and the other, a war novel. Hear his powerful story of combat and survival on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

www.raymcpadden.com | “And the Whole Mountain Burned” | “We March at Midnight”

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