If ever there was a warning shot for the detrimental effects of long-term, sustained combat operations on soldiers in modern warfare, Curtis Grace’s deployment to Afghanistan in 2012 fits the bill pretty well. In this episode, Grace talks about that greuling deployment to the Panjwai District of Afghanistan, a Taliban stronghold. A deployment that dovetails with the Panjwai Massacre, orchestrated by U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales in March of 2012. Grace also discusses his transition from grunt to Apache pilot, and eventually flying attack helicopters in Afghanistan, supporting missions he once executed as an Infantryman. Curtis is now working to chronicle the time spent by U.S. forces fighting in Panjwai with a friend and fellow combat vet, through their podcast, “The Panjwai Podcast”. Hear his powerful story of combat and survival on this latest episode of HAZARD GROUND!


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Episode Intro Music: “Prelude” by “Silence & Light” (www.silenceandlightmusic.com)

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