Johnny “Joey” Jones seemed to have it all. He was a young, good looking Marine, who had earned one of the most technically difficult, interesting, coolest, and coveted jobs in the U.S. military – that of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician (Think back to Ep. 3 w/ EOD Tech, Brian Castner…). It’s also one of the most dangerous jobs in the military, and on August 6, 2010, that danger caught up with Jones when he stepped on a very well hidden IED in Afghanistan, instantly severing both of his legs above the knee and severely damaging his right forearm and both wrists. Lucky to even be alive, Jones headed for a most difficult path to recovery, which he has endured with incredible strength, optimism, and grace. Hear in this episode how Jones went from the top of the mountain, to the bottom, and back to the top again, and how he handled his injuries in the immediate aftermath of the explosion that changed his life forever. Simply put, this is another inspirational story you don’t want to miss!


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