Dr. Jeff Cain has led an interesting military career to say the least, as both an Infantryman and a doctor, spanning from the period of the first Gulf War into the Global War on Terrorism. Dr. Cain began his career at West Point, choosing Infantry as his branch upon graduation. Following time with the Berlin Brigade in Germany during the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Cain made his way to 3rd Ranger Battalion where he would serve – along with time at Regimental Headquarters – until he made the decision to go to medical school through the Uniformed Services medical school program. Suffice to say, Cain’s time serving in special operations left an indelible mark on him, so much so that his intent upon finishing medical school was to go back and serve as a doctor in SOF. Which is exactly what he did, becoming the 1st Ranger Battalion physician, and completing two OEF rotations and one OIF rotation with multiple JSOTFs. Cain even ended up serving as the lead medical planner for the Jessica Lynch rescue, going in with the recovery force and remaining on the ground to secure other remains during exfil. Today Dr. Cain still practices medicine while focusing on productive methods for treating post-traumatic stress, sustaining a valuable connection between medicine and the veteran and military communities. Hear his inspiring story on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

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