Gordon Sumner joined the military at the end of the Vietnam War era. As such, the timing of his entry into service led to very unique experiences while serving overseas, both in combat, and during the tense years of the Cold War. He began his military career as an Infantry officer, but through a weird twist of fate, would transition to Aviation before nearly resigning his commission. That move to Aviation would set Sumner on a trajectory to Grenada, where he commanded an Air Cavalry unit with the 82nd Airborne Division. He would also be one of the few to be combat wounded during fighting there. Sumner would also go on to serve with the British Army as an American exchange officer. That position would lead to him becoming the first American to command an attack helicopter squadron in the British Army – work that would put him at the forefront of efforts to quell attacks by the Irish Republican Army. After retiring as a Colonel, Sumner would take part in one of his greatest acts of service – working with Veteran Service Organizations, particularly Veterans Moving Forward, where he currently serves as President and CEO. Hear the complete story on this latest episode of HAZARD GROUND!


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