This is a story of combat and survival in the truest sense. Survival not just from bullets and bombs in Baghdad, but from the indelible scars war leaves on those who’ve experienced it firsthand. Jeff Morris is one of those individuals. His time as an Army infantry officer led him to fight in Iraq both as a platoon leader and company commander. It would carry him through bloody firefights where he would lead soldiers, all trying to survive, and achieve the “little victories” that make long, drawn out campaigns seem worth the sacrifice. And ultimately, it would take him to the brink of his humanity, forcing the reckoning that undoubtedly comes for a man who has lived through combat and chooses to be a force for good after he returns home. Hear Jeff Morris’s powerful story of combat and survival, from officer candidate eager to get into the fight to war veteran searching for healing, on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

“LEGION RISING: Surviving Combat And The Scars It Left Behind”

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