Don Culp’s passion for aviation began as a young boy. Watching his stepfather work with the Navy’s Blue Angels demonstration team, Don knew he wanted to join the military, and specifically go into aviation when he graduated from high school. His journey would take him a little longer than expected though, as he was initially recruited into chemical operations instead of aviation in the late 90’s. It would take him roughly a decade and five attempts to transfer out of his Chemical specialty and into Army Aviation. He went from E-6 to Warrant Officer Candidate, and not long after, into flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama. By 2011, Culp graduated as an Apache pilot, and three weeks later deployed to Iraq for his first combat tour. But, Culp’s aviation career would not come without challenges – one in particular was directly related to his daughter who was born a few days before he left for Warrant Officer Candidate School. In this episode, Don Culp talks about those challenges and how they shaped him not just as an aviator, but as a father, and the man he is today. Hear his powerful story on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

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