Service over self. Character over affiliation. Values over personal gain. Mike Jason learned these tenets at an early age in a place far away from the United States. Born to two American expats in Italy, as a child Mike would often hear the locals talk about what the Americans did for them during World War II. His patriotism and love for the American military was born out of these conversations. So when Mike was 11 and his family moved back to the United States, he knew he wanted to join the profession of arms, and serve the country and ideals that others who had never even set foot in the U.S., spoke so highly of and appreciated so much. That journey took him to West Point, and after graduation, eventually into combat in the Global War on Terror. Mike Jason has led from the troop level all the way up to formulating policy in the Pentagon. After serving for over two decades, Mike retired as a full bird colonel. He continues to uphold the values he swore to when he entered the military, while working to combat veteran suicide and serve the next generation of leaders. His journey, from young boy swapping one “foreign” country for another, to becoming the American Soldier he heard so much about as a kid, is one we all can take something positive from. Hear his entire story on this week’s episode of HAZARD GROUND!

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