An infantryman, looking for the next challenge in his military career, Gary Garza decided to try out for Special Forces Selection. After completing Ranger and Sniper Schools with the 101st Airborne, it only made sense that the next step was getting his Green Beret and embarking on a long career in Special Operations. That’s exactly what Garza did, becoming a Special Forces Medical Sergeant, and completing 12 deployments in the Global War on Terror. Those deployments came with a price, but also with wisdom on how to better train and take care of SOF soldiers who deploy multiple times to high intensity, high op-tempo AORs over and over again. Garza speaks intently about the mental health aspect and ways in which SOF units are working to improve and strengthen soldiers’ mental health, just like they would their physical health, in order to improve both the combat force, and the families that support them during and after every deployment. Garza also serves as the Executive Director of the Special Forces Foundation – a Foundation that provides a range of programs contributing to the maintenance of the mind and body, as well as ongoing support in resolving psychological, emotional, and relationship issues before they become chronic within the Special Forces community. Learn more about this foundation and the inspiring career of Sergeant Major Gary Garza in this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

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