Donny O’Malley does not fit the typical mold of a U.S. Marine. Except for the part where Marines strive to be the absolute best at one thing: killing the enemy. In spite of being the type of person who never liked having a boss, and who was very entrepreneurial in nature, Donny O’Malley wanted to join the military and become a Marine, primarily so he could be the best at taking out bad people on the battlefield. And, after 9/11, that was all the motivation he needed for pulling the trigger, so to speak. His father however, convinced him to finish college and become a Marine officer. O’Malley took his father’s advice, and would eventually serve in combat as an infantry officer, rifle platoon commander, and fire support team leader. Following his time in the Corps, O’Malley, who had already spent a significant amount of time mentally preparing himself for what he’d experience in combat, looked to humor as a means of maintaining good mental health, not just for himself but also for his fellow vets who were struggling. That motivation led him to becoming the founder and CEO of VET Tv, also known as Veteran Television, a streaming video on demand channel that has often been referred to as the Comedy Central of the military. VET Tv showcases the raw, dark military humor that has transformed dark days on the battlefield to brighter ones on and off screen. Hear how it all started in this latest episode of HAZARD GROUND! | @vet_tv | @donnyomalley

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