Following a fairly short stint and multiple deployments with the Navy not long after 9/11, Mike Mednansky felt a calling to a military occupation much more technical, and challenging than the one he had in the Navy. He decided to go out for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) school – one of the most dangerous, but most rewarding jobs in the military. EOD technicians are some of the most highly trained, highly focused, technically surgical servicemembers on the battlefield. It takes nerves of steel to perform their job, and for good reason, as one slip-up could cost lives, or at a minimum, serious injury. Mike ended up transferring from the Navy to the Army in order to attend EOD School. Once out of school he went back to deployments, this time as an EOD tech. It was on what would be his final deployment, that an IED he was attempting to gather evidence from, partially detonated in his hands, causing serious injury. It would ultimately lead to Mike’s medical retirement, but not his exit from the EOD community, as he continues to instruct Special Forces soldiers heading downrange. Hear Mike’s complete story, from the constant academic pressure of the EOD schoolhouse to daily life on deployment as an EOD tech, walking the fine line between life and death…Get it all on this latest episode of HAZARD GROUND!

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  1. Mike was the EOD section leader for my platoon in Afghanistan for the first half of our 2010-11 deployment.
    Our freedom of movement was definitely because of his teams hard work.
    I am proud to say I walked with this stud.
    COP Durham forever.

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