Chili Palmer’s military career started off with a bang…or rather, a combat jump into Panama. Less than two weeks after arriving at 1/75 Ranger Battalion, Chili jumped into combat for Operation Just Cause. It was just his ninth static line jump, and although the action on the ground was minimal for Palmer, he would go on to participate in and experience a heavy amount of kinetic operations throughout the rest of his over two-decade long career in the Army, serving much of that time as an operator in a special mission unit. Chili goes in depth into the highs and lows of serving as an operator, the early days of fighting in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and what has changed in the SOF community since his time there. He also talks about his time working as a military advisor on the films “How It Ends” (2018) and 2020’s Netflix original, “Extraction.” Tune in to another powerful and interesting story of combat and survival on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!


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