Today we go back to the first Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm! Shane Hudella joined the military to carry on a family tradition of serving. Not long after signing up, he was headed for his first and only major combat deployment in Desert Storm, where life became quite interesting with the constant threat of SCUD missiles targeting and raining down close to his unit’s location. Following Desert Storm, Hudella would go on to serve in the Army until 2012, when he retired as a First Sergeant. But, perhaps of equal note to his military service was what he did outside of the military with the United Heroes League – a hockey, and now multi-sport focused non-profit he started in 2009, under the name Defending The Blue Line (DTBL). Hudella initially founded DTBL to help military families with the high costs of hockey and help ensure children of military members are afforded every opportunity to participate in a sport he loved, being from Minnesota. Since 2016, when DTBL transitioned to United Heroes League, it has grown to support all sports and help a much broader base of children connected to the military, helping both military families at home, as well as directly impacting soldiers in combat zones during the GWOT, as you’ll hear in one poignant story told in this episode. Hear Shane’s entire inspiring story of service on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

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