When Brad Snyder talks about his experiences at the U.S. Naval Academy you can sense his appreciation for how the Academy builds strong leaders – men and women of character, integrity, fortitude, and optimism. Brad Snyder graduated from the Naval Academy in 2006. He would deploy as a Navy EOD officer for the first time in 2008. Five years later, he would be medically retired from the Navy, permanently blinded by an IED blast in Afghanistan. The bomb that took his eyesight would not destroy the person he became through valuable life experiences, forged by the indispensable lessons taught to future Naval officers at the Academy. Brad Snyder would go on to win a total of five Gold medals combined, in swimming at the Paralympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro, and break a World Record that had stood for over thirty years. He has become an inspiration for many, both athletes and leaders, on and off the battlefield. And he continues to prepare the next generation of leaders as well, teaching at the Naval Academy. Most importantly though, he’s taken an injury that most would see as an immovable obstacle in life and become something greater than what he was before his injuries. Hear how it all unfolded, and get inspired on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

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