From an early age, Jack Murphy wanted to join the military – he wanted to be close to the action, to experience war. 9/11 happened during his senior year in high school, so as soon as he graduated he enlisted to become an Army Ranger. As a Ranger he served as an anti-tank gunner, sniper, and team leader with 3rd Ranger Battalion. A friendly fire incident nearly derailed his military and special operations career, though. Luckily for Jack, he was able to continue serving in Special Operations. In 2006, he completed the Q-Course, becoming a Green Beret and joining 5th Special Forces Group as the senior Weapons Sergeant on a military free fall team. In 2010, Jack left the military to attend Columbia University, where he graduated in 2014. He has since written multiple books, co-founded a military news website run by SOF veterans (while still in college), and become a full-fledged journalist, reporting from around the world. Jack Murphy’s story is one of honor and service, and seeking the hard truths in a chaotic world. Hear it all on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

“Murphy’s Law” | “Gray Matter Splatter” | “Direct Action”

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