Matt Klein grew up with vivid stories of his grandfather flying dive bomb missions in World War II. His grandfather had signed up shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Much like his grandfather, Klein joined the military shortly after 9/11. He signed up to serve in the Infantry – a job that would provide more than its fair share of hairy moments through two combat deployments to Iraq as the insurgency there gained steam. A chance opportunity to take the NYPD entrance test eventually led to Klein leaving the Army and becoming a detective with the NYPD. An avid and talented artist, whose father was a career animator with Walt Disney and Warner Brothers, Klein now serves as a Forensic Sketch Artist. He’s also the creator of Rendar ART and “Battle Tribe” – a cool, Star Wars take on military operators. Hear how Matt Klein survived some very close calls in combat, including an IED blast for which he was awarded a Purple Heart, to earning a coveted spot as one of three Forensic Sketch Artists with his unit in the NYPD, on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

@mattrendar | “Battle Tribe”

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