It’s safe to say that fate has been on Gary Wetzel’s side since the day he stepped foot in Vietnam. He survived 5 helicopter crashes; he’s a living recipient of the Medal of Honor from his time there; he was shot, stabbed, and blown up on the battlefield; and he’s come full circle in meeting those who treated him after his 5th helicopter crash, decades later. That 5th crash and subsequent firefight that earned him the Medal of Honor came on January 8, 1968. Wetzel’s arm was nearly blown off in the initial engagement, forcing him to fend off a multitude of enemy fighters with just one arm and a machine gun. Decades later, Wetzel continues to honor the lives he saved that day, as well as the lives of those he couldn’t by sharing his story with groups all over the country. He wears the medal for them, and for the unsung heroes, especially those who never made it home from war. Hear his incredible story of courage under fire, honor, and service on this Memorial Day edition of HAZARD GROUND!

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