Amber Smith grew up around aviation. It was in her blood – her father and grandfather were pilots, and it wasn’t uncommon for aviation to be the center of nightly conversation around the dinner table. But, Amber didn’t immediately follow the path to becoming an aviator. It wasn’t until after heading off to college and then 9/11, which she says made her re-prioritize her life, that she decided to join the military to fly in combat. She would go on to become an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter pilot and air mission commander in the 101st Airborne Division, flying two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through it all, it’s clear from Amber’s story that she is an example of what it means to be undeniable – to put in the work and be the best at your job no matter your background or what the job is. A trait that certainly saved lives in combat, and one she embodies in life after the Army. Hear her powerful story on this latest episode of HAZARD GROUND!

“Danger Close: My Epic Journey as a Combat Helicopter Pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan” |

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  1. Excellent book Amber. Thank you for your service. I was an Aeroscout Observer on an OH-6 , then Crewed OH-58, the UH-1, then and FI on the Blackhawk and yes I am an old fart.

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