Will Bardenwerper returns to the show, and goes back to Ranger School. Will graduated the Army’s grueling combat leadership school in 2004, but returned recently to write a piece for Outside Magazine on Ranger class 05-19. Bardenwerper admits he’s more often jolted from a deep sleep by a dream about Ranger School than he is by anything related to his own experiences in combat. Going back to chronicle class 05-19 may have actually changed that, but if anything, it gives outsiders a look into one of the toughest and most demanding military training courses out there. If you’re interested in attending Ranger School, or ever wondered what goes on during this 9-week test of a soldier’s physical and mental fortitude, this is one episode you don’t want to miss!

“Army Ranger School Is a Laboratory of Human Endurance” | “The Prisoner in His Palace” | www.willbardenwerper.com

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