A measured decision led Tom Kerr to pursue the Green Beret after 4 years in the Infantry. He wanted to do more in combat, serve with the elite, and know that what he was doing every time he deployed to a combat theater was not only challenging, but tangible. Following more deployments as a Green Beret, a back injury nearly sent Kerr out of the military and a job he loved more than anything. But, he found purpose in a new position working to modernize and innovate combat gear and systems for Special Operations forces until his back healed and he could deploy again. Tom Kerr is still serving as a Green Beret on active duty, nearing the end of a 20-year career, while also working on the next chapter building a clothing start-up called, Eighth Order. Hear his inspiring story of combat, resilience, and healing on this latest episode of HAZARD GROUND!

www.eighthorder.com | Arc’teryx LEAF- Special Operations Care Fund

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