Dr. Bob Adams is fifth generation career military, dating all the way back to the Civil War. His military career spans 30 years, and began at the U.S. Naval Academy. Following graduation, Dr. Adams served a few years in the Navy before pursuing his dream to become a Navy SEAL. He would serve 12 years as a SEAL before embarking on a career shift, enrolling in medical school, and becoming a doctor – specifically an Army doctor. From there he would go on to fill such prestigious positions as the Command Surgeon for Delta Force, and deploy with the 82nd Airborne Division in 2003-2004 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His military career and service to his country and others is nothing short of astounding, and you can hear about it in detail on this latest episode of HAZARD GROUND!

“Six Days of Impossible” | www.sealhellweek.comwww.swordsandsaints.com

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  1. Classmate! I’m so proud of you…”Six Days of Impossible”
    Great read…been to Coronado Island many times during my Navy career so I relived your adventures up and down the Strand!
    Let’s join forces as a Team and make Inspiring Healthy Living around the World our mantra…
    Non Sibi!

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