There are Marines…There are Recon Marines…And then there is Rudy Reyes. At the age of twenty-six, Rudy joined the Marine Corps out of a desire to serve his country and honor the warrior mentality he had built within himself through years of rough upbringing and various physical challenges. After graduating Parris Island, Reyes earned a coveted spot to try out for Marine Force Reconnaissance. He would go on to complete the training and land a job in the Marine Corps that only an extremely small percentage of Marines will ever perform – that of Force Recon Marine. As a Recon Marine, Rudy would conduct missions from pre-Afghanistan invasion in Pakistan in 2001, to the Iraq invasion in 2003, to bloody combat in the Battles of Fallujah and Ramadi in 2004 and 2005. Hear Rudy talk about how these campaigns shaped the person he is today, and even though he came home alive, how they almost destroyed his life on the home front, on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

“Generation Kill” |

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