It is an incredible honor to have Marine legend and Medal of Honor recipient, Major General (Ret) James Livingston, on the show this week! Listening to him speak, you can tell that despite his age, he’s just as tough as he was when his actions on the battlefield in Vietnam earned him the nation’s highest decoration for valor in combat. In May of 1968, while serving as Commander, Co E, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, General Livingston distinguished himself above and beyond the call of duty while leading his Marines in the Battle of Dai Do. Livingston led his men across open rice paddy in a brutal assault under intense enemy fire, to rescue a company of Marines trapped inside the village of Dai Do. His efforts would lead to relieving the pressure on the stranded company, and defeating heavy enemy counterattack. Livingston was painfully wounded three times during the battle, to the point where he could no longer walk, but he stayed on the battlefield until he was assured all of his fellow Marines were safe. Hear the full story on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

Congressional Medal of Honor Museum Foundation | “Noble Warrior”

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